Hylmet uses own authorship technical solutions in its products and constant investments in the new technologies and machinery as well as over 28 years of experience are reflected in the quality and durability and their competitive prices. Each product is detailed tested, guaranteeing 100% product efficiency.

In 2017. We have created a our own, innovative technology for the production of gears, which resulted is the fourth generation of hydraulic pumps and a compact helical toothed gear box. In order to obtain the required high-class quality of individual parts of the new products, it was necessary to invest in new machines and devices. The new production line consists of the most modern and most accurate in the world automated machine tools from renowned companies: EMAG Koepfer, Studer, and the Wenzel measuring machine specialized for measuring gears. Thanks to this, we produce high quality of parts for pumps and gears, down to a fraction of a micrometer (thickness of a human hair = 60 ÷ 80 µm).