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The HYLMET company started activity in Tuchola since May 1991. From the very beginning, we constantly focus on development, new technologies and solutions increasing the competitiveness of our offer. By using many years of engineering and technological knowledge in the field of the production of pumps and hydraulic systems as well as marketing possibilities, the HYLMET company goal is to constantly develop and manufacture high-quality and durable hydraulic equipment.


The company is a manufacturer of elements for hydraulic and oil systems, i.e. hydraulic pumps, oil pumps, for power steering systems, safety valves and other parts for use in tractors and agricultural machines, forest trailers and, loaders, trucks and construction machinery and for industrial applications.

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We are changing for you. We improve the production process. Our modern pumps have many advantages.

What oil should the hydraulic pump run on?

Our consultants receive a lot of inquiries about the parameters of the hydraulic oil on which the Hylmet pump should work. Click on the banner for more details?

Hydraulic TURBO pump for Ursus C-385

The most efficient and only such hydraulic pump in Poland   for “heavy” Ursus / Zetor tractors.


We guarantee high quality of products combined with a guarantee of fast delivery, as well as appropriate technical support.Our online store www.sklep.hylmet.pl offers a full range of products manufactured by our plant and a wide selection of accessories and substitutes from renowned manufacturers.


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