NE series hydraulic pump

NE series hydraulic pump

We are improving our production of hydraulic and oil pumps. This is possible thanks to our modern machine park, our knowledge during 30 years of experience. The .NE series pumps offer many advantages:

Higher efficiency

The volumetric efficiency of the new generation pumps is about 2-5% higher than the pumps of the “classic” design.

Fewer components

The new pump design reduces the number of parts. This is possible thanks to the implementation of technology with a much higher accuracy in the manufacture of both bodies and covers, but above all, gears (teeth in the VI accuracy class). As a result, the pumps achieve a longer service life with a lower weight at the same time.

Smaller dimensions of the pumps

The new generation pumps are approximately 15% shorter in the direction of the wheel axis. At the same time, they retain the same parameters as the “classic” design

What oil should the hydraulic pump run on?

What oil should the hydraulic pump run on?

Our consultants receive a lot of inquiries about the parameters of the hydraulic oil on which the Hylmet pump should work. Today we answer this question? We recommend that each of our pumps should work within the oil temperature range from + 20 ° C to + 60 ° C.

Within the recommended temperature range, the kinematic viscosity of the oil should be between 20 – 50 cSt. The full range is 10 ÷ 1000 cSt. * Example: We test our pumps with oil whose kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C is 44.3 cSt.

We also recommend that you use return filters in the hydraulic system, and if you are using a suction filter it is a strainer. Fine filter on the suction may limit the smooth flow of the oil, which leads to the unfavorable phenomenon of cavitation (similarly to the suction lines with too small diameter).

Filtration in hydraulic systems operating up to a pressure of 150 bar should be 25 μm (class 10 NAS 1638), while in systems with operating pressure greater than 150 bar – 10 μm (class 9 NAS 1638).